The University of Indonesia’s International Relations Project (IR Project UI) is the biggest annual program held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Hubungan Internasional. IR Project UI is identical to its two programs, namely HI-Day and International Foreign Policy Review (IFPR). This year, we innovate by bringing Creative Campaign Competition (CCC) as our new event. HI-Day aims to promote and represent the International Relations program at the University of Indonesia to high school or vocational high school students or equivalent. IFPR is a journal release event and a student journal writing competition in collaboration with Jurnal Global as our partner. CCC is a competition for making creative campaigns using video as the media.


Cyber Politics:
How The Digital Era Transition Affects Indonesia’s Foreign Policies?
This year, IR Project UI brings the theme “Cyber Politics: How does the Transition of the Digital Era Affect Indonesia’s Foreign Policy?” with three sub-themes, “Cybersecurity in the Digital Information Era,” “Transnational Issues in the Digital Era,” and “Economic Opportunities and Challenges Amid the Presence of Cyberspace.” The theme was chosen based on the consideration that cyberspace has begun to dominate in this growing era of globalization. With the increasing dominance of the digital era, the selection of this issue is interesting because the issue is still not being discussed from an Indonesian point of view, even though cyber politics has a considerable influence in this contemporary sphere.



Greetings, fellow students!
Here we proudly present the International Relations Project held annually by the University of Indonesia’s International Relations Students Associations. We are back with a new theme that represents the year 2020, in which we are focusing our discussion on cyberspace issues that covers security, economies, societies, and many more. We also added a new event called ‘Creative Campaign Competition’ to expand media use to increase awareness and reach even larger audiences on tackling the issues through cyberspace. Therefore, we invite you to participate thoroughly in our three main events, including IFPR, HI Day, and Creative Campaign Competition. See you there!

S. Dafika Naricantya
Project Officer IR PROJECT UI 2020


In corresponding with the current pandemic situation, all of our events will be conducted online via video-communication media.