HI-Day is an event that aims to introduce the University of Indonesia's International Relations Program to high school or vocational or equivalent students. There will be talk shows with the International Relations Program's alumni, a simulation class, and a Q & A session with the enrolling students in this event.


The Alumni Talk Shows are inspiring events that will discuss HI UI alumni speakers' lives during and after their studies. This event consists of two sessions aimed to provide participants with an overview of college life at HI UI, the prospects for HI UI alumni's various jobs, and various forms of post-campus life from alumni.


Class Simulation will allow HI-Day participants to experience the learning situation in HI UI lecture classes. The provision of learning materials will be carried out by lecturers, active students who have experienced as lecturer assistants, or HI UI alumni.


Ask Anak HI allows HI-Day participants to interact directly with active HI UI students to explore HI UI life from a student perspective thoroughly. Through this Q & A Session, we expect to be able to answer all participants' questions about HI UI and ensure their choice of continuing their post-high school studies.


There will be Alumni Talk Show Session 1 and Simulation Class on the first day of HI-Day. Session 1 of the Alumni Talk Show will invite alumni whose work is linear to International Relations studies, such as diplomat or international relations researcher.


There will be Alumni Talk Show Session 2 and Ask Anak HI on the second day of HI-Day. Session 2 of the Alumni Talk Show will invite alumni whose work is non-linear to International Relations studies, such as entrepreneurs, influencers, or other occupations.


Such a great and profitable experience for those who willing to enter International Relations in University of Indonesia. The activities are so complex in order to dig deeper into the roots of International Relations that wrapped up in a fun way so doesn’t bored the participants.

Ailsa Numa Adi Lukita

HI Day 2019 Participant

Aside from legit informations about HI UI from alumni, actual lecturers, and students currently studying there, I also had so much fun joining HI-Day! I highly encourage all high-schoolers who place interest in HI UI or IR in general to join HI-Day this year!

Karima Taushia Ahmad

HI Day 2018 Participant